Away from the family

Do you know that feeling of happiness that sometimes just appear out of nowhere ? I had that feeling when I sat down in the bullet train towards beijing. . .

I am always a bit anxious when going traveling in a area where communication can be very difficult and everything in the world can go wrong just because of that, but everything was so easy. . .
In the bullet train people suddenly spoke english, You see when you live where we do and have been living there for a while, it is almost always a surprise for me when people speak English. As an english teacher and a laowei, it makes me extremely happy. . .2016-05-16 11.03.48
I lived at beijing international hotel the whole week with my mom.
Obviously she paid otherwise I would have found cheaper living circumstances. .  . But it was only 600 kuai for a double room in a 5 star hotel, which included free swimming in the pool, which meant I got to swim again which I missed a lot.
To tell you about the things we saw I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
But I will tell you this:
I am not one of those guys who get up early to go sightseeing, obviously there are things in beijing you just need to see but given I also was preparing to run my marathon we only saw a lot the first couple or days.
The only place I really wanted to see was beijing zoo because they have pandas . . . -“I love pandas” as much, as I love the clothing brand puma which might be on the limit to being a fanatic.

The whole week included a lot of food for me, cause I needed to carp up for my marathon. . Yeah I know some would argue that you only need to eat a bit extra a couple of days before, but this method of carp loathing works for me and it keeps me away from eating all the sugary products all the time.
At some point at pizza hut I ate a pizza, a steak with pasta and fries and after that I was still a bit hungry This just comes to show how much I actually ate when living at home, training for my half ironman.

I had a perfect week with my mom and the best possible preparation for my marathon. . .
A funny thing was every time my mom and I talked about China and how it is different in the country side I kept saying back home it is different and back home we don’t have things like that.
In the beginning it was confusing for my mom but she got use to it. .
That just comes to show where my home is. . .that is at Maling mountain shaolin academy, and every time I mentioned back home I thought about what my family was doing. . Different days I thought to myself.
Now they are doing forms class and every morning I was swimming kilometers , they had these morning lesson. . Is it weird that I missed my kung fu family a lot, only being away a week ? I don’t think it is, cause that is how much those people means to me, and that is the bonds you will have or get whenever you decides to come and train her and obviously you are reading this because you are thinking about coming here, or coming back here or you already been here.

Nonetheless, if you are one of those who think about joining our family, pack you bag and jump on the plain. . You won’t regret it, just make sure you at least stay a month or two. .
And you will get to meet the school pets, animals I really love

There are lot of exciting reading the coming week. . I will write about my marathon and my blasian and I are going to huai’an again Wednesday to help a class with improving their English skills and Just to give a little back to the the people… the kids are from a very poor background so when we got the change to get involved and give thise kids a rare opportunity we instantly jumped on board…

More to come