I “only” had to repack my suitcase 3 times, considering my gender I would say that is an achievement.

2 months away and I am allowed one suitcase of 23kg and a hand luggage of 5 kg.

After I tried with everything I wanted with me and the suitcase couldn’t be closed (didn’t even bothered to weigh it).I tried a bit more strategic approach, I filled in all the stuff that I thought I could not buy in China, for me that was protein powder (not needed for everybody), different vitamins (maybe not needed for everybody either), Medicine, like paracetamol, ibuprofen, antibiotics and diarrhea pills. Shoes and (good)running shoes (a delicate feminine size 44 and 46 does not exist in the land of the miniputs). Flip-flops are a must, they are used all the time for walking around inside to showering to “just because you are too lazy to put on other shoes”.

I also packed some protein bars and some chia seeds, Continue reading “Packing”


I have been to China before, I have been doing Kung Fu in china before, I have a pretty good idea of what I am going down to, this should mean I should be incredible determined and motivated to train, eat well and all the other things I know I should do to prepare myself before I leave right?……..

Okay, to be fair I actually did quite good, I was in a good training routine with running a few times a week (not nearly as fast as I would have wanted), crossfit a few times a week(so happy the few times I didn’t finish last) and practicing some of the Kung Fu I learned last time.

My main reason for doing this was an attempt to avoid the muscle pain that I remember with dread from the last time, muscles I didn’t even knew existed caused me so much pain I thought it impossible. But, karma apparently doesn’t like me Continue reading “Preparations”