I am sorry, it has been a while since my last update, and I am sorry to disappoint again with not putting up interviews of the students who lives here. The thing that must not happen to a computer happened to mine.

More about that later.

I will take you back in time to what we as students would like to call hell week. We called it that because the training got a bit more intense. After our holiday we suddenly faced Master bao at the line-up, because master Wei still wasn´t back from his holiday. Everybody knows that master Bao´s way of training is different from the other masters. He says himself that his training is a little bit stricter. A BIT STRICTER? That is the same as calling a sumo-wrestler chubby. My god his training nearly killed us. Okay okay for starters we might let the Monday cleaning slide a bit, so when Master Bao came down from room check he was a bit agitated. He called out, -“everybody horse stance” and mean while he let us have about our rooms wasn´t clean enough. Mona of course took her time translating because it wasn´t her standing in horse stance. Maybe she was fast, but it didn´t feel like it. So we got another chance to make up for our poor room cleaning. Apparantly it wasn´t good enough, so we were all taken to each room so everybody could see what was wrong. We started in Matias and my room. Our beds were not good enough, which I didin´t agree upon at all, cause they were fine. But according to master Bao the beds should look like we were in the military.

2016-02-22 08.28.35
this is how we look when we are amazed about how clean our room is.
2016-02-22 08.28.44
You can really see who was in the military or not.. mine is to the right and military man to the left hehe

Our rooms were not the worst. I am gonna sum up, what was lying in the beds. Cellphones, computers, clothes and oranges, was lying in the beds under the blankets. Yeah I know, you are still thinking about the oranges. We were also very interested in that explaination. Brage the one I like to call the fake Norwegian, answered when asked what this was. It is oranges, but I eat them continuesly. Everybody wanted to burst out in laughter, but no one really did, because we weren’t exactly on master Bao´s good side.

So apparently in Norway whilst eating dry fish and ice bathing they warm up their oranges under the blanket, to eat em continuesly. We still joke about that, because that was hilarious.

We came outside to start basics, and my god did we get basics. After the first lesson I started to wonder if this was it, was this the time to die? Other thoughts came to mind.. . it is Friday right? My legs feel like it is Friday. But no, it was Monday and the first lesson was just finished. Welcome back from holiday…

Monday to Wednesday were extremely painful training-wise, – my god the week after I still felt the training. This week was not a good time to be training for a marathon. But I got out for a 10k anyway. Pretty proud of myself, mostly of the fact I didn´t die on along the way, hehe.

Wednesday afternoon everybody was gathered outside for a little talk about life at the academy. Everybody thought this was the aftermath of our poor cleaning skills and poor training performance, but it wasn´t. it was just Master Bao who wanted to hear how we were doing, and how our life was here at the academy.2016-02-23 06.07.26-1

It was very nice to tell people around you how we felt about the school and the people around. When it came to my turn, I told it as I see it.

I am here in china, where I have a home. I feel home here at the school and I see everybody around me as a family. Master Bao being the Dad, Lisa the mom, the crazy but caring uncles master Wei and master Du, and not to forget our grandparent’s mama and papa Bao. Yeah in this metaphor us students are the kids. This is actually how I feel. I love living here, even thought my culture sometimes crash with the Chinese culture.

It is the people around you that creates the home, the culture and life.

Master Bao ended the day by telling us, that he just wanted to show us how it was to e trained like they do in the temple, and the simplest thing is the motto that gets you through the day.

If it doesn´t hurt it is incorrect.

In other news, well this blog is called 30, inspired by Adele´s first two albums named by age. It is because I had a birthday the 23th of February. Turning 30 is a big deal for a lot of people, but for me, it isn´t bigger than turning 27. Mostly because I don´t feel 30. Okay okay Master Bao made me feel 60 the week before but still.

2016-02-23 17.18.01
Birthday gift from Mona and Faith
2016-02-27 13.52.29
Finally found sunglasses I actually like – birthday present for myself.

I had a good day with what we now call terror Tuesday, because Tuesday is one of those days where there is a lot of injuries or those days where people wake up the day after feeling busted in their entire body. I celebrated my birthday by getting punched in the face and kicked over my legs, but I kicked someone in the face too, so it was okay…

when can you ever say you celebrated your birthday like that?

Thursday was a critical day for me, because the thing that must not happen, happened. My tea pot fell down and hit my laptop and of course it hit the exact spot where the harddrive was. GOODBYE to all my stuff on the computer. So here you are, in China where you don´t know where to get it fixed or anything, and I had all kinds of thoughts. –“what if it couldn´t be fixed? Are all my things gone now? Do I have to live without a computer for 5 months?

I went downstairs to Mona and told her, -“Mona you and I are going to Xinyi to fix my computer”.  We went with the bus and got to a place where the guy after two seconds said my harddrive was gone. Hmm when you lose your hard drive you can only think about which things that are lost.

So I was told that he could put in a new hard drive and windows 7 for 330 kuai. I must say this is one of those times you just love China. 330 kuai and 50 minutes to fix my computer. That is cheap, but my main concern was to change the language to English, because I can’t read Chinese. The next adrenaline rush was when my computer was running out of power. I didn´t bring my power adapter because in Denmark they would have one lying around for the purpose. So the computer guy stood there with a cigarette in his mouth looking at me while my computer said 7% power left. Meanwhile the computer was updating the system. With 3% of power left, the computer finished and I was happy.

Even though I lost a lot of things from my computer, I don´t see it as a big problem. I see it as a new beginning, because at some point I had to clean up my computer anyway. The reason why I didn´t have a backup is because I thought I had one on my eksternal harddrive, but when I looked at it, it was a backup of a Samsung computer, just not my Samsung computer.

I was happy but couldn´t live with half Chinese, half English windows, so I started to ask around to get a newer Windows. Luckily I have this friend who is not only providing me with VPN service for free, but also has the newest programs lying around. So now I sit here with windows 10 and office 16 writing my blog. I just finished moving my music from my ipod to my computer. So all wasn´t lost. There are some old school assignments I lost, and there are a few pictures and videos I can´t get back, but that is it. All it cost me was 330 kuai and about 15 work hours to get my computer back to where I want it.

but all my interviews for this blog are gone. I don´t now if I willconduct new ones, we will see.


So this week we just finished has been a lot of fun, and I have been in Wangchuang several

2016-02-25 13.32.49
new friend at the school, an Infared lamb,which I use a lot hehe


getting ready for acupunctur

times. It started Wednesday. My back has been very tense lately and blaysian Gregs knees well they are about 80 years old. So we wanted to go to the acupuncture. Greg was amazed afterwards because of his so called “new knees” and my back was pretty good to. Friday we went again, this time Kasia went with us.

2016-02-23 06.07.24
Master Du is learning pressure points in the face, while I am tied up


Side-note. We have gotten three new students since my last blog, Steven from France, Kasia from England and Shane from America. Kasia is now the only girl at the school and it is really nice to have a girl around. The dynamic changed for a couple of days before we went back to being boys who goes a bit dark in the conversations. We have these ethical conversations where we get a question, what we would do, which really makes us getting to know each other, but some of the questions are really really out there, and it is very boyish humor.

So we went for acupunctur and I hated my life in there. I don´t know if he just wanted to hurt me, but every needle he put in me was like a samurai sword, he hit all the right spots, and for some reason he put two needles in my neck so I couldn´t move at all. It was an hour of torture for me, but afterwards it felt good.

One our way home we took a tuck tuck, which became a very funny story.

First of all, we have gotten so use to using transport, so We sometimes forget to ask for the price, but in this case we really should have done that. We came home with the tuck tuck driver, and first we gave him 20 kuai which it normaly costs, and he started to scream out loud, and of principle I didn´t want to give him more, because that is the price. Okay so we gave him 5 kuai more, but he continued to scream and shout, and I said to Greg, come on we are going now, because I hoped he would go away. They usually do. But this driver followed us into the school area and kept on screaming. Master Du came out and told us to go inside, but the driver followed us, so I had to think fast, and I am a 30-year-old man, so I took the adult choice and yelled, run and hide. So there we were, hiding in the toilet. Greg 29, Kasia 27 and me 30 years old.  The reason why I wanted to hide, was I didn´t want the driver coming up to our rooms and see all out stuff.

Master wei and Mama Bao joined the conversation with the man. Apparantly he just wanted to cheat us, so when we gave him 5 kuai more, he just wanted more. He didn´t take the 5 kuai, he pushed them away and wanted more. Master Du told us, if we have given him 10 kuai more, he would still be yelling for more.

I still think this was a hilarious story, especially because we hid in the toilet. So you think I am done now? Noooo

One more story to tell. So we were in Xinyi yesterday and when we wanted to go home, I suggested to go to the train station to grab a van. On the way there, there is this big park, and apparently there was something going on, so we went to look. NOT THE BEST IDEA hehe. They were teaching kids how to do CPR. When we came there everybody stared at us and the whole purpose was totally gone. None of the kids were looking at the demonstration.

A cocky as I am, I tried to tell the kids not to look at me but at the man showing them how to save life, and I thought to myself, if I demonstrate it then everybody would look because I am a laowei. YES the teacher inside my immediately stepped in. But before I could take over I was asked if I could show the kids how to do it.

showing very clearly that you need to breath in between – breath in hehe

Suddenly all eyes on my showing the kids how it was done. It was very fun. When we tried to walk away the others got held back because everybody wanted to take pictures. So we started to pose in Tai chi poses, and right in the middle of it, this old woman came and did tai chi with us, just slower than us and her steps were a lot lower than ours. It was amazing.

To finish of a great day, we got a van back to the school for only 60 kuai. Normally they take 80, so that was cool.

I stil love to be here, and since last time, I have finished the broadsword form and begun the snake. The plan for me is to learn snake, tiger, crane and eagle form. The weather is getting a lot better too, as you can see in the picture, so it is nice to snake it up outside. 2016-03-03 13.04.06

There are more and more students coming and going all the time, so we get a lot of new members of the family.

In this month we will have another girl and in April it is time for some danes to arrive.

Remember you have to hide your power behind your softness.

2016-03-01 19.19.40
side note – my running goes really well, for the time being

The more you learn, the more you forget, so practice.

More to come