Shanghai with the Danes

So this happened, Phil and Kristian were going to Shanghai and since I kind of wanted to see Shanghai I went with them.

I knew that we were going to have a great time, because when three danes are going away together it means a lot of alcohol. We pre-started our celebrating Wednesday, when we all went out for a “-job well done, good performance dinner” we got some beers and that was kind of the beginning of a long long drinking trip for me.

Extremely spontaneous, Kenneth and Astrid decided Wednesday evening to come too, so suddenly all the five danes were on a trip to Shanghai. My god this was going to be fun.


Okay first of all, K & A didn´t get train tickets or had any place to sleep, so that was kind of cool, they just went along with us. They weren´t sure about getting the same train tickets so it was kind of cool, they just went with it. We came quite late, so we wouldn´t able to get tickets for K & A in time, so we went ahead to the train while they would get tickets for the next train, and we would meet up with them in Xuzhou.

This was the beginning of extreme luck and a lot of fun. Our train was delayed, so we went down to see if K and A maybe could get tickets for the same train, but the woman in the ticket office didn´t understand anything, so Kenneth was actually prepared to go home, but they found an English speaking Chinese, and suddenly they came walking. Apparently they just said go. WHAT??? With no ticket or anything they just came in the same train as us. It was ridiculous, but then we at least began the trip together.20160707_182944

In Xuzhou, it just got worse for us with being late. We were late for the train and it was a race with time, to catch the train, but in the end we lost the match. We were annoyed that we had to pay 280 kuai, for another ticket. Funny enough we met K & A in the ticket office, and they were in line, so we chineesed our way into the line.

At least now we would end up in the same train. Then once again luck struck us. The woman behind the counter just took our tickets ran them through the machine and bam, then we had new tickets, without paying extra, my god the trip just got better. The one thing that was a bit annoying was that we had to wait for several hours and we would arrive in Shanghai late.  So obviously we sat down and had some food and later some beers. We are danes, you know! : ) hehe.

20160707_234940Coming to Shanghai with the last train, has one small detail attached to it, the line for a cap is horribly long. I was told that compared to Beijing, Shanghai is full of
hustlers, and in the train station they ran around trying to get them in their pirate taxies. We chose the long line, because we thought it moved fast. All the hustlers said the line was two hours long, but we didn´t believe it hehe. We were right, it only took an hour and we actually had fun in the line.

The taxi drove extremely fast, but it was needed, we just wanted to get there. He didn´t seem to be able to find our hostel, so Phil said he could find it from where we were. He lied!! We walked around for 40 minutes before we found it hehe.

The next thing was getting Our couple a room, and there was only one bed available in an all girls room, so we figured we took Kenneth in our room and one of us would sleep on the floor, but we wounded up drinking beers in the middle of the night and K & A wounded up sleeping in the common room.20160708_01242020160708_012435

The next day they got a room and we were all settled in.

Phil and Kristian were going to the Russian embassy to get their visa for their train route through Russia, so I just stayed behind with the others.

Sitting back at the hostel, I walked a little around in there. The hostel is an extremely nice place where you can get a room for 280. Kristian, Phil and me had a room that cost 360 pr. Night and you even have your own shower and you get towels, toothbrush and all these things, which you normally get in a hotel. So for a hostel it was quite good. If you are traveling around alone, you can live for 110 in a dorm-room, in which we spend the last night.

The whole trip was planned by Phil and Kristian getting their visa, but Phil´s passport didn´t have enough time left, so he couldn´t get it. This was a slight set-back, but given Kristian got his visa, but could only collect it Wednesday, we decided that instead of going home Monday as planned, we stayed for Wednesday.

When the guys came back, we decided to check out the area and we wounded up at the big 20160708_16191120160708_155554pedestrian street they have on Nianjing Road. It seemed like everything we touched turned to gold. We were lucky with everything and nothing seemed to stop us. Another example in us being lucky was that Phil has been in Shanghai before, and back then he got a wechat where he had two contacts, where one of them were a guy called Anton.

Anton is a Russian guy who works as a promoter in Shanghai. So we contacted him hoping he had some good things for us, which he had. The place was called Mook, where the speakers were loud and extremely close to our standing table, in which we had free drinks. It wasn only certain bottles we could drink from, but they had whiskey and vodka, which we obviously drank like crazy hehe.

It was an okay place with a stage where the DJ was playing and we could dance. We didn´t really stay for that long this place, given the music was too loud, but that text to Anton gave us so much more than this.

The next day I was ready to party again, and to make the story short on that note, I was ready to party every day.

That Saturday we went out to see more of the city and we wounded up at McDonalds because I wanted to let the guys know how good a chocolate Frappé from McCafé was. “My god” they are god, but a little to the expensive side, given a small one is 25 kuai, but they are amazing and in my mind obviously worth it.

See this is where my mind is kind of blurry, because I was drinking everyday so parting the days from each other is kind of hard, I guess that is what you get from drinking yourself over the limit every day. It is fun though.

It seems like we didn´t do anything Saturday night but still think that at least Kristin and I went out for a walk or something and came home in the middle of the night…

Sunday night I seem to recall this was our first night at M2, a very cool night club where not only had free drinks, but also had a table and a couch to sit in. We met a lot of people that night from different countries and at some point we managed to meet more promoters and get their wechat, so the day after my phone was lighting up like crazy.






This evening we also manage to break the one rule we had. The rule was to stay together no matter what, but apparently we met these Swedish girls, which I can´t really remember hehe, but when we went out to find other places to party, we got lost from each other and I was with one girl and I think Phil and Kristian where alone, so I managed to get in a cab with Evalina and we wounded up at a place where theyb charged 100 kuai to get in just because they showed the final of the European championship. No way I was going to pay that so I set of with no phone, no address of our Hostel and with limited Chinese communication skills. I was going to find my way home. I found a cab and said Nanjing road, and I was lucky, because that road is several kilometers. I recognized a corner in which where close to the pedestrian street and boom I was on my way home.

I came back to the hostel and I saw the game was one, so I bought a beer and saw first half. Before the second half started I thought to myself I needed company. I went down to the room to leave a note to the others that I would be in the bar, not knowing the others came home during first half. The I went up to the bar again to ask these two Russian girls if they wanted to watch the game with me. They hated football, but decided oddly to join me mmexport1469009680900.jpganyway. After the match I decided to join them in the couch outside the bar, and I wounded up talking with the girls until 10 a clock the day after.

I think that the other Danes, went for the sailing this day, so I slept from 10 to 16 with a lot of wake-ups in between.  It was perfect, cause when they got home again I was ready to find something to eat and well you know, get a beer or two

best noodles in the world, comes in some kind of peanut sauce, and with fried dumplings = bestmeal in the world


We wanted to go drinking with the Swedish girls again, and luckily I had wechat on one of them. – You are welcome guys… inside joke with Phil and Kristian, cause even though I didn´t remember how we met the girls or anything I still managed to get a contact so we could meet them again. So to see them again we had to go through my wechat… Obviously I love to be the go-to guy.

They weren’t that interested in drinking Monday and suggested Wednesday instead, but we were going home there, so Tuesday became the deal.

Monday evening, I went for a walk with the Russians and afterwards with Kristian to find a small bar which didn´t go well. We just walked around for an hour without finding anything. It was a nice walk, with a lot of beers, and we got to see a little bit of the city by night.

Tuesday during the day, we set of to the Danish consulate because Phillip needed to get a new passport in order to get a visa for Russia. We had some fun when we were there. We just ran around to figure out how to get to the top, to see the view. We found something completely different, toilets. Yes toilets with heating, wifi and ass drying, yes those toilets could do so many things so we had to try them, which lead to squirting water up in your ass, just to turn the air-dryer on. My god we had fun and my god that was weird.20160712_14024020160712_14034720160712_141100



After our little encounter we went out to eat pizza and then we decided it was time to go get a drink at cloud 9, which is the highest located bar in the world. It is located at 87th floor in a sky-scraper.

My god that was cool.


Usually you pay 150 kuai to get into the bar and then you can drink for those money. We weren´t really interested to pay that amount, but yet again we have had our luck, so they girls at the bar ended up letting us in because it was very foggy and the view wasn´t that nice. So we decided to go get a 65 kuai beer, and just stay there until it got dark, so we could see the view with all the neon lights. AMAZING.

Wednesday we had to go home, but yet again we decided to stay another day, why you ask, well okay Kristian had to get his Russian visa, but it was between 15-16 which would make us come home extremely late, so we decided to stay over another night, which off course opened up for another night clubbing and yes another excuse to meet the Swedish girls hehe.20160709_15364720160709_120410





We met up at M2, but they were first not coming and then they were late and It was a mess in the beginning because they came so late they had to pay for everything, but as very tactical danes we took off our bracelets, given our butler had looked at us the whole night, so he knew we were drinking for free, but the girls were new, so we gave them our bracelets.

This evening was the first evening where we managed no to get away from each other because we took the girls to our place. We did something we regret a lot though, we stayed up all night talking to the girls, so when they went home, we had two hours to sleep before we had to leave for the train.

This left us totally knackered, and it was about to become a very long trip home.

We didn´t miss the train, but when we landed in Xuzhou, we couldn´t get a train before eight, so being very tired and all we found McDonalds to wait and eat there, and when we finally found our way into the train station and were ready to go, the train was delayed.

We should have stayed another night in Shanghai, the Swedish girls would agree with me on that hehe.

In the train I was out, but Kristian was apparently being part of a touchy feely conversation with some Chinese girls and some older men.  I think they had fun.

When getting a cab and for once accepted five people in one cab, which got us all home to the academy together, which is nice after a trip like that. I was supposed to train the day after from 10.30, but my body apparently wanted to sleep, so I slept 12 hours in one go. I haven´t done that since, well the last time I was drinking for seven days straight.

All in all I got to see shanghai before leaving China and it was in the best company in the world, so this was a nice break from training.

Next blog will be about my first competition in Xuzhou and yes this time it is a real competition, not just a performance…

More to come…



So it was Friday, for the first time in a while we actually had a regular week again, until we had to do our weekly 10k run. It was about two a clock, and Mona and Master Du came around asking us to get outside to help with something.

You never know what or how long these things are gonna take, but we are always eager to help, mostly because doing these things for the school is also considered kung fu. Kung fu is not only martial arts but a lifestyle and as I said so many times before, we are a family here, and we do live like that, so everybody pitch in.

There it was I big truck with grass on it?? Grass, yeah we are not talking about the good kind hehe, but actually grass cut out in squares.2016-05-06 14.18.002016-05-06 14.18.262016-05-06 14.23.50

First of all, I have never seen grass cut in squares like that, it is always rolling on grass, at least back home. Well we started to empty the truck and put down the grass, So there we were laying grass, all of us –Masters, students, translator, even mama Bao.

We used the whole afternoon to put down the grass. It is these things that makes life around here extra fun, because you never know what the day brings.

But this Friday was the day of the geeks, because 2016-05-06 19.21.07we were going to the movies. The blasian had been rambling on about Captain America for weeks and he would literately do anything to see that movie, so he organized the tickets so we could go.

2016-05-06 19.21.16
The danes in the cinema

Okay first of all, I did say that the movie could be horrible, because it is a sequel BUT I take it back that movie is amazing, and another cool thing about it was it actually got everybody out of the house to see it. All three masters were there, Mona and all the students. See that’s a school trip 2016-05-07 06.26.57worth taking.

Right beside the movie theater, we found a small pizza joint, which in my nine months here, I haven´t noticed, which is ridiculous, given I have walked right by so many times. The pizza in there actually tasted like real pizza, and they speak English in there which makes it so much better, the price is to the more expensive side, I mean 66 kuai for a pizza, it is kind of like back home, but here there was only on topping on it. Nonetheless we will be back because the taste of it, was amazing.2016-05-06 22.08.422016-05-06 22.09.20

Saturday it was time for Frodes going away party, which kind of surprised me. I totally forgot about it, so my plans of crumpling up in my bed watching my series.2016-05-07 19.43.10

We lit a campfire and Pixie (some call her Sabine, which maybe is her name hehe – not anymore) had made some dough for making bread over the fire, in Denmark we call 2016-05-07 20.14.52it Snobrød, which means twistbread, to translate it directly. We call it that because you twist the bread around a stick and hold it over the fire. I haven’t made one of those for several years.2016-05-07 22.26.14

The evening involved a bit of alcohol, and it was an amazing evening, sitting around the fire listening to music and making bread, but it is always a bit sad having these parties because it means one of the family members is leaving, in this case Frode the 47 (20 something hehe) year old Norwegian. He is gonna be missed around here, no doubt about that.2016-05-07 20.14.14

So today it is a regular Monday, for everybody else, but for me is the last training week before going to Beijing for a week before running my marathon.

More to come about my marathon later on 🙂