We came in and the sight that met us was stunning. I looked up and saw an amazing setup and a lot of people. Given it is an Olympic year and we were located to the left from Xuzhou Olympic stadium, the opening ceremony felt like I was about to enter Rio 2016.DSC_045720160722_08355920160722_08292920160722_081614

I was stunned, there was so many people around and later I was told that there would be 2500 people competing in the art of kung fu. My god, there must have been at least a 1000 people sitting up there looking down at us.

We were lined up in countries, so Phillip and I were suddenly representing Denmark. It was an awesome feeling. I have never tried felling like this, but always kind of wanted it. I have always said, that I always wanted to be one of the best in Europe or the world to something, just so I can get this feeling I had that day.

The feeling of being a part of a big sports event. I was not there to see the opening ceremony, with dancing, kung fu and other things, because I was out back preparing my snake form to enter the competition. But I do have some pictures from it.DSC_0483DSC_0482DSC_0498DSC_0519DSC_0513 Think maybe some people would be disappointed to miss out the opening ceremony, but not me, because right there I was living some kind of dream. Standing in the back with a lot of volunteers trying to make everything work.

We were up first, a group of 12 people, all internationals, given we were not to compete against Chinese people, given the level of the competition was quite high.  I was excited and nowhere near nervous, cause I knew my form so well, after performing it over and over again. The only things that could go wrong was me falling or me not being clear in my moves.

I thought I was competing against all 12 people, but later on we found out that some of them were in other categories, which made my group smaller. It was time, we lined up and walked into the hall, the crowd were loud and the bleachers were filled. First up we had to walk in to greet the judges, in which there were 8 people. Then we walked out again and stood in line. First up Japan, MY GOD he was good. The Japanese, Mexican and Chilean guy were all doing modern kung fu, so they were jumping around doing flips and stuff. You always get a little annoyed that you can´t do that and you have to compete against that. The thing is just because they can do that, doesn´t mean you can´t beat them.

The judges doesn´t give more points just because of flips and stuff. That was my entering though.

Jauffrey was before me, doing his tiger, then it was me walking in very calm thinking clarity, you can beat everybody, slow down, you got this.

DSC_0554DSC_0555There I was lifting my hands up in the air, and boom it was on, the snake was unleashed on the floor in Xuzhou. I finished, not being totally satisfied with myself, cause I messed up a little bit, and in all the confusion I didn´t see my score, because I didn´t know where to look. Later I was told by my roomie I got 8,57 which I was very happy about, cause that meant only three people took a higher score than me, The Japanese, the Mexican and the Chilean guy. So I thought I came in fourth, in which I was happy about, given I beat my own friends from the school.

Later It came to show that The Chilean guy was not in our category, so suddenly there was a bronze medal waiting. I was excited about that. YES I reached my goal, winning a medal in every sport I ever competed in. Here is the thing the group was divided into bands, so first place got a gold, but second and third were in the same band, so we got a silver medal, and fourth and fifth got the bronze medal. It is a little confusing, but Nonetheless I brought home a silver medal and a frontpage add for me and Phillip. 20160724_15191220160723_165825

Here I have to shout out a thanks to Master Du for being very patient with me in my snake form, because I constantly were rushing it and not being clear, and right before we went for the competition he was helping me with the details and telling me, he thought I could get a good grade.

It was weird because the rest of the day I didn´t have any clue about me getting silver. I calculated my fourth place and being satisfied with that. It was only the day after I found out all these things.

I was very happy about the day and we went back to the hotel to eat lunch, which were amazing, a buffet with Chinese and western food, so even I could eat well hehe.

It was a little bit weird, given I was only on the floor for 1 minut and then my whole competition was over, and I immediately regretted that I didn´t enter the tournament with my broadsword to.

Let me just rewind, we came to the competition Thursday, thinking we all had to compete Friday, but master Bao told us if some of us were to compete Saturday, we would obviously stay and the school would pay the extra night. We looked in the great book of competing (there was this huge book with 150+ pages with all groups and times for competing) and found out that the weapon forms were Saturday.

Back to Friday evening, were I was very happy about everything, but for my Blasian things started to become real. Him and Shane were freaking out about them being the one on the floor the day after. Okay okay, maybe I wasn´t the most supporting in the world, given I mostly just added gasoline to their “freak-out fire” but I had fun and that is obviously what counts, hehe.

So it became Saturday, and my Blasian and Greg were still freaking out a bit, but when they hit the floor at the competition, they were awesome. Greg and Shane also landed a silver medal for their forms, so everything was simply amazing.DSC_0611DSC_0604DSC_0584DSC_0617

We were asked if we wanted to stay for another day given we now had won medals and stuff and everybody was in, because we were excited about having a ceremony where we would be given our medals. As it came to show, we were chinesed AGAIN.

But staying an extra evening meant that we could go out, and given we know Xuzhou, we knew exactly where to go, well at least where to end up, cause getting to the city center we didn´t know anything about hehe.

We found a taxi, and showed a map and off we went. Phillip, Greg, Michael and me. we found this little place where me and Phillip could get Danish beers and the prices were not high, so we decided to stay for 2 or 8 beers, then this Chinese guy came and asked us if we wanted to go to muse, which is the club we alle knew, and off we went with Richard aka Bush.20160724_01291320160724_022537

Yet again I took care of myself, so as soon as the possibility showed itself for some free drinks I was all over it, and off course took care of the MSKA people too. I was all over the place, bouncing like a ball from table to table, just to drink with several Chinese guys and girls.20160724_025709

Lets just say we had a fun night out.

The day after we went for the reward ceremony or we came there and was told we were being Chinesed again. There was to many people to receive medals, so there would not be any ceremony… hmm so we had our own little ceremony with master Wang giving us our medals. Some people would say we stayed for nothing, but we had a great night the day before, and even though we were tired and hungovered some of us, we managed to get through a very long and warm day.


Some of us bought weapons and competition suits, so the day was not wasted at all…20160724_154338

It was a great weekend and if you wanna read more about the competition and maybe read a little bit more facts, read my Blasians blog:

Ready? no! Fight

Friday evening, I barely came home from our performance Thursday and I was in Xinyi all day long Friday, so I was knackerd. Anyway I still told Master Do that I wanted to go, even though I hadn´t done any real sanda for weeks, well more like a month before my injury and the marathon. We have had some sparring but in general I wasn´t really prepared for a fight.

I said yes because I only have about two months left and I really wanted to try a real fight, even though I thought that my face would probably be smashed up.

Master Do told me that maybe we were to go same evening and then spend the night, but luckily it ended up with Saturday 8.30, which became more 9ish, given we had a thick fog around us.

There we were sitting in the car. Steve, Sabine, Kasia, Marcel and m on the way to the Anhuai provins, to a city called Suzhou, to get our ass kicked.

Sabine were also to enter a fight this day. It was actually because of her, this whole trip was planned, because she actually asked to fight someone.

After three and half hours of driving we were there, and we drove into a school of some sorts. It was a kung fu academy for chinese kids, AMAZING.

We didn´t really stay that long, given we had to go get something to eat, and master DoIMG_0234
told us that we were going to have some local food. Hmm I am not that good at Chinese food in general and when the word loca comes up I usually don´t like it, BUT this time it was actually good and the restaurant we went to had a big surprise. They had TUBORG, yes that is a Danish beer. It is usually Carlsberg around the world so when I saw a lot of bottles with Tuborg I felt a little bit IMG_0239home. The problem was


I couldn´t really drink any of them given I had a fight later, and obviously with my drinking habits I would have had more than one.

Nonetheless good food and back to the school where apparently the fight was going on.  We did not get time to digest, before Master Do said we needed to enter the training with the Chinese youngsters.IMG_0244IMG_0241 It wasn´t a problem for me, given I am use to it, but the floor was this padded floor and after some training I got a stupid blister on my toe, which made me unable to walk around without pain, so I had to drop out of the training.

After 20 minutes Master Do said to prepare, it was fight time.

Sabines fight was with a Chinese girl that really didn´t look like much, but she was fast. Everytime Sabine was thinking about a punch the Chinese girl punched her in the face. She continued punching her in the face and that ended up with a nosebleed for Sabine. Sabines own blog ,  will probably explain her fight a little bit more.

My fight was up, and obviously I had to fight the biggest guy they had, okay I know with my fighting weight of 80 kg, it wouldn´t be fair if I were to fight a 50-60 kg guy.2016-06-12 13.32.45 I had noticed this guy when we were training and he had some hard kicks and he had been training every day for a lot of time.

I went into the first round, with one thought, -“survive and don´t get knocked out” wam “hello Chinese guys fist, nice to meet you”, He got me right on my jar. Okay Morten wake the F up, bam I clocked him right on the nose, and I was therefore back in the game. It was a pretty good first round, I blocked most of his punches and blocked all his kicks, and I got him in the face a few times. I was confident after first round, but I was also tired. Maybe because I haven´t been use to sanda for a while and the drinking the Wednesday before tends to ruin one’s form.

2016-06-12 13.45.43Second round, was blocking-time for me, and a few time I pulled him and me down from the ring and his sidekicks started to go through my guards. Late in the second round he got me right on the throat, so I had to spit out my mouth-guard and breathe.

I went down from the ring to talk to master Do, I was tired as hell. I wanted to end this, so I went in for a third round and my guards were nowhere, so after a minute he got me with a well-placed not that much power, kick on my nose, that was the end because I started to bleed.

I was frustrated and mad at myself for not being in better shape, I mean I run marathons. 2016-06-15 05.35.48I know, I know it is not the same stamina wise, but still, me being tired after a 2-minute round was annoying. I felt I was in the fight after the first round, and if I had the stamina I could have done better. I even had the chance to kick him in the face a few times, but given I still have problems with my left Achilles-tendon, I didn´t want to risk it during the fight. Looking back, I should have tried the two times I had the chance, just to see what happened.

Nonetheless it was great to almost complete three rounds with a guy who apparently were about to enter a competition in sanda and have been training every day for three years. Considering that, Master Do thought I did pretty well, and after some thinking I got to same conclusion.2016-06-15 05.35.48-1 It is just always hard for me to accept things, when I know I had more in me and I could have done better. Usually I am very realistic and always know my limits, so it is rare that I have this feeling of me being able to do better.




We got some water, and went into the car for a long drive home, but because of a good speed and less traffic we got back in under three hours, and that meant we had time to go2016-06-12 13.34.11 to Xinyi to eat some noodles. You see, some of the other students have found this noodles/soup place, where you pick what you want and then the guy behind the desk boils it. My bowl always contains, noodles, noodles and noodles, with a lot of chicken and eggs and with a pepsi, it cost 19 kuai, so it is a lovely place. To those who knows me around here, they know how much I love to go to Dico´s, but that noodle place will actually get me to drop dico´s once and a while.

So all in all it was a good day, long but good and I tested my limits once more, so even though he kicked me in the face, I was quite happy with the result.

More to come…