Hello to you!-Introduction

kungfuprincess on the road

Well about time to introduce myself. Hey my name is Sabine, I am 24, from Germany and I am going to keep you updated on Life in Maling Shan Kungfu Academy for at least the next months.

I am in Maling Shan now since over 6 months and also writing my own Blog, Kungfuprincess on the Road, hence the Author Name. But with Morten leaving in August, somebody had to take over and I got asked to do so.

So in short I will try to deliver you your monthly dose of Kung fu Fun and Life in the school.

Because after all this is purely a Student Blog.

Hopefully I can try to get some more of the other students to tell their stories, because the more the merrier 😉

So now let me tell you my story off why the hell I am somewhere in the middle of China training Kung Fu?

I kinda fell in love with it.

The thing is I have been in a different Kung Fu School 3 years ago. I want back home to start my Law Studies, which I did for 2 years, but I kinda left my heart in China. It just didn’t feel right. I love studying don’t get me wrong, but I love Martial Arts Training so much more.

Martial Arts tought me to love myself and to be confident, without losing sight of reality. It forces you to grow not just in strength but also as a person and I have met some of the most amazing people learning and suffering alongside me.

I did my research and actually visited quite a couple of other schools for short Day Trips to figure out at which one I would want to spent my first year of my journey. (I am planning to study for at least 3-4 years in China). If you want to read more about those experiences you have to head over to my own Blog.

I was looking for a smaller school, less commercialised, more like family. Someplace where I could get back into shape, without killing off my joints and getting injured.

Don’t get me wrong, you will most likely get injured in any school. Kung Fu ain’t easy and  from bruises, to muscle aches, joint problems and various other things you will have to deal with. But some schools are just a bit more brutal than others.*caugh..Tagou…caugh*

So here I am in Maling Shan now.

So far there have been some setbacks with Migraine problems and knee pain, but now that the temperature finally cooled down, at least the headaches should disappear 😉

And because of that, I am really looking forward to this week. It seems like Master Bao will be training us. If you followed Mortens old posts, you might have noticed that most students fear Master Bao’s Training. I do a bit to, but on the other hand I simply love it. Because ohh Boy after one of those training sessions you will feel every single muscle in your body scream in Agony, which is oddly satisfying.

maling kung fu school headmaster

This is Master Bao the headmaster of Maling Kung Fu Acadamy, we did a small Fotoshoot for some pictures for the Blog…now if I ever can jump like that xD He is totally badass!

Not to mention that he just has some of the most inspiring quotes. One of our all-time favorites: “This doesn’t feel right.”-“Change your feelings”.

Ohh hold on…that was just Jim knocking on the door and handing me a Cleaning Sheet. Seems like things are becoming stricter again. But I think Kasia, my roommate, and I feel be still alright. The List is pretty much the same then what we already are doing anyway every Monday. Did I mention that I hate Monday Clean-Ups? But then I am just a horribly messy person xD

Which leads me to my last point. Good Night 😉 I am going to watch now some Legends of Tomorrow and then go to sleep, so that I am well rested for tomorrow and a week of suffering 😉

Keep on kicking and being awesome and talk to you soon^^



Author: Kungfuprincess

I have a dream, but it is nothing really big. It´s just a simple dream about how I want to live my life and what I want to do with it. I found my passion some time ago, I want to finish my martial arts studies in China and start my own Kung Fu school later. But sadly life never is that easy, it will take 3-5 years of training, 6 hours a day for 6 days a week. I already did 8 month in Qufu Shaolin School, but to be able to finish this I need money. So now I am studying law back in Germany, next to it I work and try to save as much money as possible, so that my one dream can come true, if not I have a law degree and won`t be workless. I know this sounds rather calculating, but I am not a dreamer, I am a planer, still I want to give this a try and will do everything I can for this, because never before something just felt so right, than training martial arts. I found my place in this world. This blog is all about my travels, with lots of hints about places I visited, about my passion the martial arts and experiences I had, about studying law, the interesting and boring parts and about new things I try or do. I know that´s a lot for one blog, but I don´t like to be put into one box, there are many things I love and I want to tell the world about, so maybe it´s a lot, but I can promise you one thing, it never will get boring ;)

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