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kungfu student group

The feelings inside me right now is maybe the hardest to describe in the world.
We just stood there waiting, the guys around me played: every step I take, every move I make, I be missing you. 20160808_165243(0)20160808_165234
I had a small speech prepared, but I just couldn’t do it, the tears choked me completely, so I decided that the speech would be a part of this blog.

My life has always been lived in moments. I live by a quote: Life is not measured by every breath we take, but the moments that takes our breath away. . . Maybe that is why one of my favorite songs with Westlife is called moments.

In the song they sing : every moment we shared together is even better than the moment before, if every day was as good at today was, then I can’t wait until tomorrow comes.

This has been my life at MSKFA. . Every moment just out shined the next one. The people I had around me continued to amaze me.

You are all a part of my family now and that means I will always be there for you.  I consider family the closest thing in the world.  I love you guys.


Looking back at one year at MSKFA.

The people I have met, the things I have tried, the chances I took.  It has been amazing.
I find myself sitting in the taxi reliving all the moments throughout my year in china.

I remind myself of what we like to call the oil photo-shoot, where we walked around pretending to buy oil in a supermarket, whilst pictures were taken. None of us knew what was going on. I think about when our crazy neighbors made a whole in the wall, because they believed it made them sick.

The time I became a model and gained a very good friend in form of the tailor´s son Chen. He did so many things for me. Took me to lunch like 30 times, took us to a town surrounded by rivers, just because we saw a picture at a restaurant.

All the performances, which made med much better in doing forms. The first performance I included in, I was only the camera man, but after that I said yes to every performance there was, because I was good practice towards competition, and, you know, I like living the celebrity life, where every Chinese wants pictures with you and you in general live like a rock star. Let´s face it, you need your ego boosted sometimes.

Helping building the pond which became a pool. There was especially one time, where we had to help put trees up, in a totally old fashion way. To put a big tree in a whole by hand is not as easy as it seems, especially when you need five people just to carry the tree. This was one of my first real experiences with what I like to call real kung fu, because it also means hard work, and it doesn´t necessarily means martial arts all the time, given kung fu is a life style.

Helping planting grass was also a nice experience, because everybody was helping.

Me being tied up and stretched the fuck out of – See I just heard master Do in my head yell –“language” because the F-word is not tolerated at school. Don´t get me started about how many push-ups I have had because of that word.

In that note, all the push-ups I have gotten just for forgetting my forms. Thank you master Du! Hehe – well it was my own fault. DON`T forget your forms.

The time were I got my ass handed to me in a real sanda fight.

the time I found myself playing Dungouns and dragons – at least I learned a dragon form in the end.

One of the things I consider as one of the best moment is when Greg and I went to Huai´an, where we met Lily and decided to come back to teach her students English. Those kids quickly became my students and I also wounded up spending a day with them in Xinyi, so they could train there English and see where I lived. It is and will always be about giving back to society, especially when you have the energy and the means.

Another proud moment in China was when I completed the worlds hardest marathon, the marathon on the great wall of China. That was a big moment in my life, not only because I did it, but because I ran 50-70 kilometers a week besides my kung fu training. I still can´t figure out where I got the energy from.

My Shanghai trip with the Danes was awesome, given we all think a like when from Denmark so everthing just fell into place no matter what we did.

The best moment was obviously when I won a silver medal with my snake form, in which I had specialized in, given I have done that form in all performances we did.

I got to see the Shaolin temple as my last part of my journey which was amazing.

I have a thousand moments of these I think of right now, but when it all comes to all, these moments would be nothing without the people who was with me in these moments


My last time at the school I weren´t able to complete a full regular week, because my last two months were filled up with amazing performances, trips and competition.

My last couple of weeks, I only trained forms, because I wanted to learn the dragon form, and I had a lot of other forms I didn´t grade, so every day was me doing forms just to get ready for my final grading.  So telling you a story about my last sanda lesson or jumps and rolls, is not happening.

It is things like, me sitting my last Friday, eating. Just sitting there for a moment looking around seeing people eating and laughing.

In general, there are so many things I think about when I walked around, training my forms, whilst looking at all the others train.

It was hard to look at people knowing that it was the last kung fu moment together.

I have loved every second of my stay at MSKFA, even though I have complained a lot hehe.

I hope that one day I will return to my home in China, because right now sitting back in Denmark, my home is still with my kung fu family in China.

I miss all of it, and I wish I was still there. . .

So there is only one thing left to say—-


Finish training.

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