Some sort of news letter from me

So I have been telling you about a lot of things about what is happening outside of school lately. Performances, Shanghai and competition. The thing is, I haven’t really been talking about what is going on at school, so this blog is dedicated to let you know who is here, and what is happening.

KFC and no it is not Kentucky fried chicken, it is the Kung fu camp, I am talking about. For the time being we have loads of kids running around our school, all of them training kung fu at the Maling Mountain kung fu camp for kids. A thing master Bao came up with and a thing that brings a lot of life to the school.20160802_093726

They are mainly trained by Peter, who is Chinese and a former student at our academy. So the last of the long terms students know him quite well.20160729_103012

The kids are trained in a very strict manner, where the masters or Peter or coach as the kids call him, always walk around with a stick to hit the kids, when they are lazy or are not doing well enough.

I am not saying they are beating the kids up, it is just a small hit and it is a very common way to be punished in the traditional kung fu way.

20160802_110914Nonetheless the kids are extremely noisy around the school, but it is not that bad. Cause a simple YO, yelled out loud, will get them to quiet down hehe. I do have a lot of fun with that.

In other news, the heat is really becoming a problem. Everything between 35-40 degrees right now, and because of the humidity the feeling when it is 38 degrees is 45 degrees. It is very very hard to train in this weather and we have had a few heat strokes, along the way. Nothing serious at all. I keep up a strict log about how much water I drink every day during training so, it won’t happen to me, but sometimes you get so caught up in training and drilling that detail over and over, so you forget.

I know my body extremely well, so I know all the signs, the other day I was training on the limit because I am currently learning the dragon form, and I wanted to be sure that I would remember the form, so I pressured myself all the way out the verge of a heat stroke. As soon as my fingers started tinkling, I stopped and went inside to get some cold water and to fill up on sugar and salt, just to jump into the pool to cool down.WP_20160727_17_27_20_Rich

YOU HAVE A POOL? Yes Maling mountain kung fu academy has a pool for the time being, which I used two to three times a day, just to cool down. I even used it trying to teach Mona to swim.WP_20160727_17_28_30_Rich

Which brings me to the other news at the academy. Yesterday we had a goodbye dinner for Mona our translator. We went to the barbeque place to eat, just to end up in a KTV room, with a pool table.

We had good night with some tears when everybody said goodbye to Mona. I will have my goodbye lunch with her Thursday, so the tears have to wait for a bit.mmexport1469957852113mmexport1469957789074mmexport1469957771565mmexport146995779391120160730_21045420160730_18561920160730_185611

Mona even tried alcohol for the first time, even though Jack Daniels maybe aren’t the best first time drink hehe.

We have a new translator at the academy now, and her name Is Sophia. She is very outgoing and her English is pretty good, so I think the school will be happy with her.

My stay here is over very soon, so I want to tell you who is at the academy right now.

I won´t write a lot about the people, because it would simply take too much time, But If while writing I remember something about the people in a room, they will get a small note on the way.

We have the Canadian couple Jim and Joanne who are pensioners who always wanted to 20160801_183032train kung fu, so now they live here. It is things like that, which makes me remember that it is never too late for anything. Jim already took home a medal from the competition, so he is good to continue training. I really look up to their marriage, as I have stated out loud at the academy, if my future marriage will be half as good as theirs, I think I would be pretty damn lucky.

20160801_183125Next is Marcel and Terya, a couple who actually found each other here at the academy. Marcel is from Switzerland and she is from Holland. His plan is to stay here for three years, and she is the school´s new PR specialist, so of you are a coming student, you have probably already written with here.

The girls are in the next room, Sabine from Germany and Kasia from England. Sabine also 20160801_184125writes a blog called, so if you wanna get to know more about her and her view of the school, you go ahead and read.


20160802_185005Next room is Steve or crazy Steve as I like to call him. Steve is one of those guys you always want in your life, because he is freaking crazy but in a cool way. He is one of those guys who knows who he is, and doesn´t give a crab about what others think, that is why everybody likes him, well and he laughs all the time. Hehe.


Thijjs and Shane, Holland and America gathered in one room. Thiijs is currently the youngest at the academy, but it will change tomorrow when we get a new student. Thiijs is 20160801_184818also the one you will see at breakfast enjoying the crab out of the oatmeal, or you will see him around with a soda or and ice cream.  Shane is an American who really developed here at the academy and the changes I have seen in him votes very well for his future. both og them eat snacks constantly hehe.

20160801_182947The Danish boys, Phillip and Kristian. Phillip has been here before for six months and this time for two months. He brought Kristian with him this time, and yes if you follow the blog, they were the ones getting away from me in shanghai all the time hehe. They are so cool guys so I already planned celebrating new years with them.

Michael, British guy, who cracks me up, because he doesn´t give a crab about what people 20160801_185704thinks and he is very direct, which I love. He is the guy who will show up in your room just
to chat for a while, it is kind of cool. He also took home a medal from the competition.


Then there is the best room in the world, The blasien and me. His name is Greg and he also writes a blog called we have had a great time living together and he is the kind of guy you just surround yourself with 20160801_185825because he always has something fun to say, he is very dedicated to the things he does and he is a natural leader. He always says: surround yourself with successful people. Therefor you want to be around him. He is  the guy I want to travel the world with if I won a lot of money.  I don’t think I need to tell you about who I am.

Jauffrey from Holland who has been living here forever… okay maybe not forever, but for
20160801_183311 almost two years. So he is the schools senior around here and also took home medals from the competition. You will instantly know which room he is in, if he is watching a movie, given he is blind as bat and can’t hear anything hehe. Over exaggeration just happened hehe.


The Danish couple Kenneth and Astrid, known for them never being apart, and during the breakfast cutting out fruit for each other (how 20160801_183433sweet hehe). They are quite a cool couple who, when arriving
apparently took all of Denmark with them with their 7 suitcases. It is definitely a couple I will see a lot more when moving back home to Denmark.

Matthew from Britain, he is one of those quiet guys who suddenly just throw jokes at you. 20160801_183604You are almost always laughing in his company. You never see it coming when he shakes another joke or a fast line out of the sleeve.


20160801_184859Nemr or tiger as he is called is from Lebanon but have been living in Canada for many years. He is very direct, but very cool company to keep. I have been talking a lot with him about everything, and it is always nice to know you have someone you can just be honest with, whenever you can get in contact with him, given he is always on the phone hehe




Tomorrow Monday, we will get a 19 year old Norwegian girl called Emma, she is as I was told staying for three months.

Othervise life here in MSKA is good, we cool down in the pool after hard training, and in general enjoy each others company.  It is really an amazing place to stay, with these people around.


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