Finding my training rhythm

So I was preparing for another Tuesday on the academy, my first week were I had to find my way back into the week rhythm. You see after my marathon I have had a hard time finding my way back to a steady rhythm of training.

I am not running 50k a week anymore, I am only maintaining my run form so I don’t lose everything before going back to Denmark in two months’ time. I would lie if I said it was easy just to go back into a training rhythm after being away for two weeks and only training part time for a week. It has been a struggle for me, to find my way back, so I was prepared to go all in this week to get back in.

But when I came back from our warm up run, master Bao came to me, to ask if I wanted to go to a performance. I always like to help the school, so I instantly said yes.

So much to get back into the rhythm, but I said yes anyway, because I only have two months left I am also trying to get all the experiences I can before leaving, and to those who have followed my blog, then you know that I like to go with the flow and take chances.

As it turns out, the performance was wednesday so we had to spend the night, given the ride there was four and a half hours. My god that was long time in a car, and my computer only holds power for one and a half hour. So what to do to get through that car ride. I prepared my phone with episodes of the series I am watching right now, -“DaVincis Deamons”. So when my computer ran out of power I could continue watching on my phone.

It turned out to be only the old students who had to go, Marcel, Jauffrey and I

The suits were given to us by the school

. We had to go to Jiangyin city to Jiangdong wushu academy, where a former master from our school, master Tang was teaching sometimes. When we got there we 20160607_185905
were instantly impressed by the training facilities they had. They had enough training equipment to make a very small fitness center. 20160607_185518They had everything from squat racks to cable towers. Facilities we can only wish for in Maling Mountain.

20160607_185918We got there pretty late so after playing around a little bit with the wing chun  dummy, Jauffrey and I found ourself in a wing chun lesson with Master Do, oh yes, Jiangyin had their own master Do who also did wing chun. He corrected everything I did on the dummy and tried to change how I did my fist form, well it is always good to have other perspectives on things.

We were given a red training suit to wear around the city to represent the school.

Former Master at MSKFA, Master Tang and Master Bao

We were suddenly students of Juangdong wushu academy. We went out for dinner, with the masters and some other people, which was just traditional food as we know it.

When we came back home to the academy, we talked about when to get up the day after, and since the performance was in the afternoon and we only had to practice it all once, we had all the time in the world, so we decided 8 am was a good time. I didn´t get much sleep even though I had a king size bed and air-condition in the room. I was so tired but I just couldn´t sleep, and of course I had to battle a mosquito during the night, so I slept for like 4 hours in total.

The day after we went out for breakfast where we had noodles,

Never really understood why they just dump a chicken leg into the noodles

and after that we checked out the stage in which we were to perform later. We were later told that the performance was in the evening so we talked about staying another day because of that, because we didn´t really wanted to drive home around 10 pm. Later on we were to practice how to enter the stage and time our forms.

I went with the snake form, but the day before I had our MSKFA Master Du to check my snake form and apparently I have been missing a step in it for a while and sadly gotten used to it, so I had to change a small habit of mine in my form. That is never good right before a performance, but nonetheless I had to do it.

When we checked out the stage I found that it wasn´t that hard, 20160608_100559so I knew I could go all in, for my breakfall snake jump attack, which I know he Chinese people really loves.

If forgot to bring coffee for the ride, so I tried to find some in small packets, so I didn´t have to buy some small packs, and I thought I found some, but the Chinese don´t really drink black coffee so all of it was either with milk or sugar or both, so I had to compromise. Later we went for a walk to go to a KFC we saw earlier just to get a regular black coffee, and obviously also to check out the city.  After a 40 minute walk we arrived at the city center, or at least a city area.20160608_09213520160608_153208

Coffee, supermarket and then home again, but while we were walking the clouds got darker and darker and we wanted to go with a taxi back to the school but none of us had actually seen one the whole day. Was this a city 20160608_092250without taxis? We found a motorized tuc tuc, and as soon as we got in the rain poured down on the city, drowning the roads in a matter of minutes, and we started to talk about if the performance would be moved due to the bad weather. I know from earlier experiences that weather in China can put a lot of things off and delay everything.

20160608_162524When we came back there were some women waiting for us, apparently they wanted to do yoga with us, with some lifts etc.20160608_162510 I didn´t know what was going on, just knew my flexibility is not for yoga, but nonetheless I entered with an open mind and held a small extremely flexible Chinese woman with my hands and feet. It was so fun and weird at the same time.

After a while the kids started to arrive so suddenly we found ourselves in the middle of chaos, my god, kids, parents and masters everywhere we looked and a lot of noise. The IMG_5103kids started to run around practicing their performance while putting on their white and blue suit, It was a little too much for my taste given they also had to have some kind of blue thing on their head, which looked weird, and as always when Chinese put on makeupthey paint themselves totally white in their heads, and the kids even had to wear red lipstick. I am sorry but they looked like small ghosts running around, it was not a pretty sight, but their performance was awesome.IMG_5106

It was time to Chinese take away, which was duck and rice, not bad take-out food actually, but given I didn´t really sleep the night before I had been drinking coffee nonstop the whole day, so I wasn´t really hungry.

After dinner, we were ready but we didn´t know anything about when we had to perform. Master Bao took us by car.

20160608_182921We apparently had to hurry up, and we almost didn´t arrive before we had to enter the stage. I was not prepared for anything, and suddenly we were there. Poses, groupform and then it was snake time, It went well, but after my roll I got stopped in the middle of my form, because apparently I weren’t supposed to do the full form, I was frustrated because nobody told me that we had to do a test run with audience. I was frustrated because I have had problems with my last part of the snake form, so I needed to go through that, but I couldn´t because I was stopped.

This is yet again a giant culture clash, because we would never have a trial run with the audience right before the real thing. –“Yes” back home we have a preopening for plays and stuff the day before, but that is usually not the same audience who comes on the premier. In this case it was the same who saw the same twice.

After a lot of confusion and a lot of different acts with a lot of dancing, we were up. First we had to run to the stage and make a pose, and then run out again, so our performance could begin. There was a master and a student before us, and then it was group form time.






The stage was slippery as hell, given it had been raining on the carpet, so in everything we did, we kind of slowed it a bit down to make sure we didn´t slip. All in all we have a good synchronization so it was pretty good.

Then there was some performances, and then –“SNAKE-TIME” the stage was slippery, buIMG_5185t IMG_5186

it wasn´t as hard as the concrete I am use to train at, so I wanted to go all in on the roll and the break fall to jump bit. There I was lying down soaking wet, it was time. I jumped high, I jumped again, and the third jump is a double snake bite, so I put everything in it, the crowd went crazy, when I jumped, so that was cool. The picture shows how high I got from a lying position, so it was pretty cool. Had I jumped higher I would have jump out of the stage, my hand landed outside the stage –“peeew”.IMG_5188

I fucked up the end, but when I watched the video it looked good, so it was cool. The stage was the biggest we ever tried but it was still a bit too small for Marcel and Jauffreys weapon forms, but we got through it.







We stayed for a bit and then it happened, there was this white fat guy who had to go on the stage to sing two songs. My god my singing and guitar playing heart is still bleeding from that act, my god he was terrible, I get mad just thinking about him. Where the H did they find this guy. Did they meet him in the street and gave him guitar?? He slayed John Denvers Take me home to bits and pieces. HE sang false, had no rhythm and his guitar strokes were all over the place, and to make it worse, IMG_5151he had to play a Chinese song with people dancing around him. Okay I thought, the dancers might save the act, but they were all over the plays as well. They started as two and then they just went different directions with completely different moves that didn´t followed the music. OH MY GOD That was 10 minutes of my life, I will never get back, but will stay mad about forever. HORRIBLE.

When we came back we kind of knew it was picture time, with kids and all the parents.IMG_5274

I decided to have a lot of fun, making pictures, where it looked like the kids were knocking me out with punches and a staff. Everybody who knows me, know I love this celebrity picture stuff hehe.

The evening ended with some great food and a lot of beers, let´s face it I got a bit drunk. Given the percent in the beer, you need to drink a lot to get smashed, I tried but I never got there before we had to go home.

Found myself drinking with these guys where only master Tang knew a little bit of English

The day after we just slept in, and waited for the four and half hour car ride home. It was a long trip and we were told, because of the dragon boat festival, we were of Friday. -”thank god for that”




Friday evening Master Do came and asked me if I wanted to be in a sanda fight, and drive three and half hours drive to get punched in the face. So obviously I said yes. It is very rare to get an opportunity to fight in a real sanda match so I had to take the chance.

More to come…

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