So it was Friday, for the first time in a while we actually had a regular week again, until we had to do our weekly 10k run. It was about two a clock, and Mona and Master Du came around asking us to get outside to help with something.

You never know what or how long these things are gonna take, but we are always eager to help, mostly because doing these things for the school is also considered kung fu. Kung fu is not only martial arts but a lifestyle and as I said so many times before, we are a family here, and we do live like that, so everybody pitch in.

There it was I big truck with grass on it?? Grass, yeah we are not talking about the good kind hehe, but actually grass cut out in squares.2016-05-06 14.18.002016-05-06 14.18.262016-05-06 14.23.50

First of all, I have never seen grass cut in squares like that, it is always rolling on grass, at least back home. Well we started to empty the truck and put down the grass, So there we were laying grass, all of us –Masters, students, translator, even mama Bao.

We used the whole afternoon to put down the grass. It is these things that makes life around here extra fun, because you never know what the day brings.

But this Friday was the day of the geeks, because 2016-05-06 19.21.07we were going to the movies. The blasian had been rambling on about Captain America for weeks and he would literately do anything to see that movie, so he organized the tickets so we could go.

2016-05-06 19.21.16
The danes in the cinema

Okay first of all, I did say that the movie could be horrible, because it is a sequel BUT I take it back that movie is amazing, and another cool thing about it was it actually got everybody out of the house to see it. All three masters were there, Mona and all the students. See that’s a school trip 2016-05-07 06.26.57worth taking.

Right beside the movie theater, we found a small pizza joint, which in my nine months here, I haven´t noticed, which is ridiculous, given I have walked right by so many times. The pizza in there actually tasted like real pizza, and they speak English in there which makes it so much better, the price is to the more expensive side, I mean 66 kuai for a pizza, it is kind of like back home, but here there was only on topping on it. Nonetheless we will be back because the taste of it, was amazing.2016-05-06 22.08.422016-05-06 22.09.20

Saturday it was time for Frodes going away party, which kind of surprised me. I totally forgot about it, so my plans of crumpling up in my bed watching my series.2016-05-07 19.43.10

We lit a campfire and Pixie (some call her Sabine, which maybe is her name hehe – not anymore) had made some dough for making bread over the fire, in Denmark we call 2016-05-07 20.14.52it Snobrød, which means twistbread, to translate it directly. We call it that because you twist the bread around a stick and hold it over the fire. I haven’t made one of those for several years.2016-05-07 22.26.14

The evening involved a bit of alcohol, and it was an amazing evening, sitting around the fire listening to music and making bread, but it is always a bit sad having these parties because it means one of the family members is leaving, in this case Frode the 47 (20 something hehe) year old Norwegian. He is gonna be missed around here, no doubt about that.2016-05-07 20.14.14

So today it is a regular Monday, for everybody else, but for me is the last training week before going to Beijing for a week before running my marathon.

More to come about my marathon later on 🙂

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