Going with the flow part 3

So, first things first We have said goodbye to Brage and Tony during this last week of time. To say goodbye to Brage we had a party in which everybody joined. We got permission to drink some alcohol, so it was a great party. I wasn´t drinking myself, given I have a marathon to run the 21st of May and that is soon.2016-04-23 19.58.542016-04-23 19.43.55





We had a lot of fun, and a lot of great words were spoken about Brage, because Brage is really one of those guys everybody is going to miss around here. So at some point it was also
a bit sad.

But the good thing about Brage leaving is that I have a new roommate now. (I stole Brages hehe). No Greg and I decided to move in together, so there will be some great moments ahead of us.

Oh yeah, we have four new students now, we have a Danish couple, Kenneth and Astrid, we have Henry from Tea and biscuit land UK and Ivan from Macedonia.

It has been one of those weekends were my legs has not been able to rest at all.

Saturday Greg and I went to a city called Huai´an. The trip had a purpose and that was me buying n new puma running shoes, because Huai´an has a Puma store. to those who doesn´t know it, I am addicted to Puma, it is maybe a bit excentric, but I love that brand more than so many other things..

We got up 5.45 in the morning to catch the bus to Xinyi, so we could catch the train to Huai´an. The train ride took around 80 minutes. When we got out the sun was scorching and we started walking, but after 10 minutes in the middle of nowhere, not finding any sign of a inner city, we decided to catch a taxi. We had a not with the address for the Puma store, and we guessed that it would be in some kind of city area. Luckily it was in a mall in the20160430_105944 center of the city.

First stop was Pizza hut, we simply wanted to know if the pizza there was like pizza at
home, AND IT WAS. See it is the small things that really gets life better here in China. Tasting a real pizza after 8 months without was simply amazing, it was so good and we only paid 30 kuai for a small pizza. It was our second breakfast so we didn´t go all in on eating, otherwise I would have ordered pasta/lasagna, steak and a bigger pizza hehe.

We set of to find the Puma store in the mall, and we found it quite fast, but they only had one pair of running shoes and when I was walking around in them, I didn´t feel they were the shoes for me, so sadly no new running shoes for me.

We decided MCDonalds was the next stop. Yeah I don´t eat MCD that much at home, but when you can´t get a burger with beef in it around where you live, then MCD is always a stop worthy. After our meal we wanted to have look around so we set of for the longest walk in our life, or for 15k.

We walked around in this weird area, where there was a street only with banks, then we

turned and then there was a street only with electrical bikes and the next street was hairdressers and shoe shops. We were just talking and suddenly a Chinese woman came up from behind asking us if she could bother us for three minutes. Her name was Trin and she was an English teacher in a school with kids from a very poor background. Luckily she ran into Greg and I because we are very open minded, where others maybe would have thought she tried to get money for her kids or something.

The thing is, she offered to show us where they had a supermarket and that got us through another great going with the flow story.  We started walking and talking and it she really wanted some of her pupils to meet us, but the school was obviously closed, so she simply 20160430_14232720160430_142604called her favorite and best student to meet us. The only reason she wanted her to meet us was so she could practice her English, as an English teacher that is something I always can get behind. The we set of for what suddenly became a tour of the city with a Chinese English teacher and two of her pupils.20160430_144809

See that was amazing, cause Trin showed a temple and some of the older parts of the city, which apparently was rare because everything was being modernized.

when we finally found the supermarket it was closed, but we had great trip and a we were asked to come back a day to visit the school and see all her kids. we had walked for 15 km, and then we faced the worst of it all, standing tickets for the train home… we are not gonna let that happen again , cause that was a nightmare, and given neither of us really slept and we had been on it for 12 hours, there were not much energy left. 20160430_171325

Given the great experience we both have decided on coming back when we find the time. This is the thing when you get an opportunity to make a difference for other people you gotta take it, and I am a teacher so for me it is just being a teacher, being me. I always try to make a difference for others, I always try to be better than I am.

This is another opportunity for me as a teacher, a foreigner a human being to give those kids an unique chance to meet two foreigners and help them train their English language.

Today it is Sunday, and We were asked to be ready at nine, so we could perform at Maling mountain. When everybody was ready the heat was already up to 24 degrees. 20160501_10252920160501_103559(0)20160501_10354620160501_102518When we came there we walked around a bit before we had to perform. First master Du made us train punches. We had to hit the small branches fast. So everybody stood in a tiny little forest of trees and punched the branches, gathering a huge bunch of people around us. There was a lot of kids, which we found out later had to make a dance performance, and som of those kids spoke some English, so they were able to ask us for pictures etc.

Later everybody performed, which maybe wasn´t the best performance in the world. First of all there were no stage, only a narrow road, which didn´t make it easy for the guys. But it was fun, also because we weren´t the only ones who performed and those kids, mainly girls where pretty great.

Time to walk the dogs (my dogs hehe), Even though my legs are smas20160501_153129hed they shouldn´t suffer… I love those dogs, no doubt about that 😀

So when I came back from walking the dogs, there were suddenly kids everywhere and in generel chinese people whom I guess hoped to see a laowei, and well there I was with the dogs. I put the dogs back and went as some kind og celebrity and took the pictures they wanted. 20160501_153338

I love that you can feel as a celebrity when there is people around, and to have the opportunity to walk out when I had the time as a celebrity was awesome hehe.


More to come

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