Argg The brits are overtaking the school

New year=new students, dynamic change, everyday trips, stretching, goodbye kayvon, interview, Xinyi and my personal journey

Oh dear the brits are overtaking the school, we have three guys from England now. It feels like there are tea and biscuits everywhere hehe, and the discussion about what it is called; fries or chips, chips or crisps has begun. Just too stop that discussion right here, it is called French fries and it is called chips, I don´t know what those English people are on about hehe. We do all agree about one thing it is called football, NOT soccer.

Our family has been joined by 5 new students, Three from England, One from South Africa and one from Holland. Today a guy from France will join us too.  I have said in a long time, that new students= new dynamic, and boy the dynamic has changed, as in it has become a lot better. We still need some girls around here, cause the conversations still get out of hand sometime. We will wait until April where as I have been told will come two girls here with their boyfriends. So the dynamic will change radically again there.. but GIRLS it is not as bad as it sounds, this school is also for girls, and we will welcome you here J

For me everything has become “the usual” here, the small town visits to Whungchon (still don´t know how the H… I spell this, – maybe I should ask someone? ) but I will write a little about it again cause the trip to Xinyi was a little special.

First of all, it has become a tradition that every time we get new students here, we go to whungchon Thursday. We go because the new students need something to put on the morning bun and in general needs stuff to survive here. When I say survive I mean Oreos, chips, cookies in general, cake and candy,  or maybe for some it means washing powder for washing clothes, 20160102_123540
hangers to dry it and shampoo, toothpaste and toilet paper.

Nonetheless we go there to get this. This is also an excuse to eat like crazy. For the time being we eat three different places in Whungchon.

First of all we get a wan to bring us there, then we will get off outside a little market, where we buy our drinks for the food. We do this because they don´t sell drinks the first place and the second place they only have beer. Yeah I know it is weird, eating places with no drinks. It is china as we know it hehe.

The first place is where we get our eggbread and fried noodles.



it is a huge disappointment when they don´t have both. The eggbread cost 2 kuai per piece, and it is bread fried on a pan with kind of like a fried egg indside of it and then some tomato sauce smeared on it. GREAT explanation Morten, everybody knows what that is now. Well I don´t know how to explain it hehe. The fried noodles, does it need an explaination? No, they are just fried and not boiled.  Think it cost 6 kuai.

Then we move on, to the dumbling place, where we “-surprise” eat dumblings.20160114_18285620150828_182241

One plate cost 5 kuai or is it 6, even to this day we still don´t know how much it is hehe.


The we go to the supermarket where the English people can get their tea and biscuits hehe, I mean where the new students can get the most important stuff, which I still mean is the Oreos.

After the supermarket, we are offcourse hungry, because we haven´t been eating at all, so we go to the chicken place, which is called fun fries and it is a fast food restaurant. Fast food is relative in this matter cause from when you order some fries -“not chips” and your chicken burger/leg/nuggets until you actually get it, you have easily spent 20 minutes. We actually come to this place for one thing and one thing only, it is the milkshake, but sometime or a lot of times they don´t have it, which make the trip seem like England without tea and biscuit, boring and noting to make fun of.  It is a party though, everytime they have it hehe.

Then we go home, some of us are still hungry, but given we usually order like 20 egg breads some of us, Jauffrey and I always have extra to eat when we come home.

Since the new students has arrived a new thing has become a part of our training. Gettingmig i smerte
tied up with ropes. there are several stages you go through, when getting tied up.

First one unbearable pain hence the screaming face on the picture. Stage two the regreat, and inner monolog: why did I do this. stage three: making peace with the pain. Stage four: inner peace, finding that qi gong actually works. Some people never get to stage three and four… luckily I did!  You sit there in site splits while our master of pain, master Du tightens the rope. Master Du 

mig udstrækif you read this pleace don´t kill my legs Monday, when I stupidly enough, will come to you and ask if I can get stretched again. I don´t know why I actually want this cause the pain is a killer. Well, all good things must come to an end they say, but here that sentence has slightly different: all good things involve pain.mig med ro

indre ro

Kayvon luckily got to try to be stretched before he left. We had some great times he and I IMG_1675.jpgand I will miss that guy until we will meet again at Octoberfest in Germany. As I promised in an earlier blog post, I have prepared an interview so you can gain a little insight in our family here. Here is the first interview conducted byme, with Kayvon:







Name: Kayvon Ghiassi IMG_1569

Age: 18

Country: England

Period of stay: 6 months

Have you done any martial before?, if so which?

Muay thai and MMA mainly but have experienced a lot of other martial arts as Karate, taekwondo, juijitsu etc

Why kung fu?

Because it is one of the most well-known and famous for its power and speed, and I really wanted to become faster

Why did you choose this school?

It was recommended from a friend and the website was the one with most information

Which lesson is your favorite and why?

Wing chun – Because I really like how effective it is and I really wanted to master it and I did enjoy helping others with the forms.

Given wing chun is an optional class I will also mention, Shaolin takedowns because I could draw upon my experience from Muay thai and rugby, which gave me an advantage

It is no secret that your knees are broken from rugby, but you chose to go anyway, why?

Because I was told I wasn´t able to do sports anymore and since I have lived and loved sports my whole life I wanted to keep on doing sports. I have heard that Chinese medicine and acupuncture could help me, so that is shy I chose China and it helped me a lot… I can actually go for a run now.

What do you think about the way we train here? 

It is great, it reminded me about when I trained muay thai, so it was easy for me to settle in.

Which experience outside school has been the best whilst you have been here?

Definitely modeling, because it gave me a lot of new experiences, great times with Morten and new friends (the taylor and his family) it also gave us adventures which I don’t think we would have tried if we didn´t become friends with the taylors son (Chen)

What are you taking with you from this experience? 

New friends all over the world of course, but mostly I have found a way to do sports again and the Chinese medicine has helped my knees so much so I can run again.

So I will take a better knowledge of my body, I have gotten a little bit faster and I learned everything in wing chun, which I now just need to train and train so I can try to master it. Also because my knees got better I actually learned an animal (mantis) form which I will go home and try to master as well

Well and I learned to kill people in many many many ways haha.


This weekend was a bit special because it was Jauffreys birthsday Saturday so we all went

Me, Paris, Greg, Matias and Brage

to big pizza to eat. First of all in the morning we were divided, because some of us, Matias, Kamal, Greg, Paris, Brage and me wanted  to go to the taylor. I wanted to go there because I wanted to pick up my grey suit, Paris, he wanted to put in an order for a suit, and kung fu , bruce lee style suit. Greg also ordered, he

The picture is an old picture from a taylor visit

ordered a Tai chi suit. Kamal and Brage will put in orders as well later, so I think Chen is very happy about me bringing hi new customers. Also they get Kayvon and I´s special discount. Greg became really excited up there, and he just wanted to order everything hehe. Paris confused the crap out of chen, with his, I want this but not this speech and Kamal, Brage and Matias walked around and gathered ideas for what they wanted.

After the taylor, we went for big pizza. It was a bit special because of Jauffreys birthsday. But also because it seemed like more pictures were taken of us than usual. It didn´t help that a birthsday song

All the students from maling mountain. left row: Paris, Brage, Greg, Thijs, Tom – right row Michael, Jauffrey, Matias – me taking the picture


suddenly sounded in the speakers and all of us sang happy birthday loudly. The waiters from big pizza came in singing Chinese and gave Jauffrey a heart shaped pizza, with meat. Excactly the one he always order, Jauffrey has simply been there too much hehe.

The mood of the group weIMG_20160116_193145644re loud and happy, and we enjoyed our time at big pizza, which also encountered some school girls asking for picture taking, first with Matias, then with Jauffrey and later with me. The they came back to take a picture of the whole group. Then we went on to the green fairy. The green fairy is one of our ice cream places, where we get 20160116_134944Oreo ice cream.  Then we went for the supermarket and then home.  it was yet another great day at Xinyi city.




I always leave a personal touch in my blog here, because I feel it is a good thing to know how I think I evolve in this place. So I will go a little deep 🙂

For the time being the training is good and I am running the long trips again, two days ago 30k, so my injury period is hopefully over now.

China and the rope stretch made me think about life here and how I live here without any stress and with a lot of time to think about my life. I have always used a lot of energy thinking about the past and all my choices in my life. Thoughts about if I did the right thing in a given situation and what I rather wanted changed. China gives me time to think about these choices and now I understand that most of them where the right ones. I am inspired by Nick vujicic and his book and lectures life without limits.

”It is very hard to smile sometimes through the things that happen, that you don´t know, when you don´t understand and you don´t know if you get through it. You know you go through your storms in life and you don´t know how long the storm is gonna be”

and the keyword here in China is patience. When we learn forms we need to be patient while learning. Everybody wants to learn as fast as possible, but when we are patient we actually learn better and a lot faster, same goes for life we need to understand before learning.

“You keep on concentrating on the things you don´t have and things you wish you didn´t have and you sort of forget what you do have”

My point is, that I forgot that I needed time to think my choices through sometimes and I still forget that if I understand a move in a kung fu form, I can remember it better when learning it. In general does this mean that when we do meditation or qi gong, we need to understand how this effects our body and mind and use it in life. My best example is that I can actually, while tied up in ropes, meditate/do qi gong in my mind to forget the pain of the stretching.

China has made me see that I can do so much more with patience and time to think about things. I am not saying I wasn´t patient before, because I am a school teacher, so I am very patient, but I think you can always become more patient.IMG_20160115_111140236.jpg

China has made me realize that I am now in a part of my life, where I can actually shape my future without any limits, well there is one, and that is if I don´t get in on the university to study my masters in September, but otherwise I actually control everything myself, and that is a good thing to realize, because no matter what people say about that, there are always outside factors that needs to be taken into consideration

My point is that kung fu teaches us about ourselves more than it teaches us to fight and living here in China gives you time to think about things and turn them upside down to find answers inside. That is one out of many reasons to come here.

more to come

4 thoughts on “Argg The brits are overtaking the school”

  1. Nick Vujicic has given many inspiring talks. I’ve been thinking about patience a lot too recently and I’m trying to learn from nature. When you plant a seed it will grow but in its own time. So, rope stretching? I want to try it! And just for the record, it’s soccer and crisps..


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