Week of goodbyes

We were 13 students for a very short time, then within 8 days 6 people left and one went on holiday for 2 weeks. Suddenly the school feels a little empty, even though we know more students are coming soon. It is always hard to say goodbye, you get to be quite close when you live and train together with people in the way it is done here.

20150820_122202One of the students leaving were a returning student, he had been there for one month last summer and had liked it so much that he came back this summer for another month. He has a very hectic job and as he said, this was the only place where he felt that he could let it go proper before going back. A few days before his departure he bought a gigantic cake, maybe inspired by some of the students (I am completely innocent) complaining that it had been a while since they had cake. It was a gorgeous cake, layers with jam and pieces of fruit and lots of cream on it. Master Du apparently has a thing for cake, he was the first on the spot and he got the biggest piece and looked very happy with it.

20150819_191247One of the other students leaving was a one year student, and then something a little bigger is arranged. He invited all the students and masters out for dinner at a restaurant, we got the biggest table and the biggest menu plan they had for 1000 yuan. That was an experience; everybody had dressed up for the occasion. When you don’t get to go out much and are dressed in training cloths most of the time it is nice to have a reason to do it. 20150819_194701People look very different in “normal” clothes. The food was amazing, they just kept bringing in food and people were attacking it like they had been starving for days. It was traditional Chinese food, and lots of it, some were better than others and some were uneatable because they were too spicy. We were sitting there for a few hours just talking and having fun 20150819_202043before it was time to go home and sleep around 22. The day after he left, as is tradition, we were all there to say goodbye when the taxi came to pick him up and we waved him goodbye. As a proper goodbye there even were a few tears.

The last ones to leave were the Dutch guys I had arrived with. 3½ week had passed and they were on their way home to the daily hassle and I haven’t even adjusted to the life here yet. They were set to leave at 6 am on a Saturday morning, most said their goodbyes to them in the evening. Traditions are not adhered to when it is 6 in the morning on the day you can sleep in. 2015-08-25-12.30On the same day, just a few hours later the only other girl at the school left for a 2 week holiday and suddenly we were 6 people left. The good thing about it is that the rest of us has the master all to ourselves and we learn faster 😛

In a few days there is a new guy coming, a Dane even. You might not know it yet, but we will take over the world. There is no plan for when the next students after the Dane is coming but there are rumors that there are quite a few coming in a months’ time 😀

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