Sparetime in a kung fu academy

We have a lot of spare time, in which I use for my tv-series and movies. In the weekends we go for trips. Usually we end up in Xinyi city where we eat at a place called big pizza. It costs 55 kuai and then you can eat all the pizza, spaghetti , French fries, nuggets, meat dishes etc you want. The prize includes drinks as well. Also I have been i20150926_172021n Xuzhou which is a lot bigger city than Xinyi and you can get more western things there including MC Donalds and steaks, and I do like my steaks.

I have been here for one month now, and I have said goodbye to six people and hello to one new guy. This is also a thing that was in my thoughts before I left for this adventure. You meet a lot of new people from all over the world, and if you are a long term student, you need to be prepared for, all the goodbyes too.

The thing is you are going to love it here no matter what, cause the friendships you gain and all the things you learn about kung fu and the Chinese culture is definitely worth it. Luckily I have 11 months left to enjoy this place, which also means I will write a lot more about staying, training and living in Maling kung fu academy.

The Photoshoot

Our headmaster asked us a couple of weeks ago to help him and his friends with some advertising for something. We will of course, as students at Maling Academy, always help our headmaster and do things for the school. This were some kind of photo shoot, where we had to stand and listen to a Chinese girl explaining about their product, which werphotoshoot oliee oil.

They a lot of picture of us and we had to pretend to buy some oil and then carry it all the way to the cashier so everybody saw us. There were taken a lot of pictures and the whole session where filmed. We had a lot of fun pretending we wanted oil and really where interested in the product.

Crazy Monday story

Okay it was Monday, and we were eating breakfast, when we suddenly hear someone fighting outside in Chinese.I walked outside to see what was going on and it was three very old people standing there having a shout out with mama Bao. At that time I never got what the discussion was all about, but later that day I found out. The morning discussion lasted for an hour or so before Master Bao followed an old man in a wheelchair out. The nabo tok a plastic  tube with him when he left earlier. It was really weird.

Then we had our Sanda lesson and suddenly we heard a pounding of some sort. It was the nabo pounding a hole in our wall around the school. Master du said we should continue training, but we were curios and also we wanted to do something about it. But here in China you can´t do anything about old people because the police will always take their side because it is not worth it to put them into jail even if the do something illegal. My first thought were to just go over there and push the old man, but master du said we should never do anything because we would wind up in jail then. Even if we found an old guy dead we should walk away, because we could get framed for murder just because we were there to report it.

We began training again,and after a while we got the craziest story about the incident. Apparently the old nabo felt that since maling academy moved into to this facility and this location they have gotten sick, and he felt it was the wall making them sick. Yeah you don´t need glasses, I wrote he felt the wall made them sick, so he wanted to remove it.

My first thought was that, maybe it is because he is old and have no hygiene whatsoever, he becomes sick? But nooo .. it was the walls fault. We couldn´t stop joking around about the wall making us all sick hehe… crazy Monday.

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