Going with the flow

Going with the flow is what makes an adventure that more amazing. I have had the best week ever, just because I took the opportunities that suddenly appeared, out of nowhere. Sometimes it was just  luck other times it was all about being quick.

It was an ordinary week in which I did struggle a little bit energy wise and also had a hard time with my motivation for running. Nonetheless I ran 10k Monday, 12k Tuesday and took a break Wednesday because my feet were killing me for some reason.  Wednesday we went for a spontaneous trip for whong zhong, because a lot of needed to go to the supermarket and we wanted some western food. I wounded up in a lot of souvenir shops and bought 6 necklaces. I do like to wear simple necklaces. It was a great trip where I also got one of the best banana milkshakes ever.

It became Thursday where opportunities presented itself. Master Bao wanted some students to go and perform some kung fu somewhere and he asked the three students who has been here the longest. They didn´t know where they had to go or ho20150924_101833w long it would take. Anita who works with the school public relation and marketing would usually go to film the performance, but she was sick and couldn´t go. This gave m
e an opportunity. I have the last two weeks been filming our training to make a movie about what we do here at Maling academy. Because of that Anita asked me if I would like to skip training and go with the other guys to the performance.  This was perfect, because it was something different to do and my feet was stilling hurting so it would be good to rest them.  So I went for it, without knowing where we had to go or how long it would take.

Apparently it was in Xinyi city and it was a grand opening for a supermarket. Again we were there  to advertise for oil, the same oil we advertised for a couple of weeks ago.  This20150924_101827 was a big event. There were a lot of people gathered outside the supermarket and people turned their head when we appeared in our green polo shirts. There was a stage where some people were talking to the crowd whilst throwing free things to the crowd.  It was crazy every time something flew through the air, because the crowd fought for every free thing.

We almost didn´t arrive before going to the stage, and the guys were asked to go up on the stage to perform without time to prepare. I was so confused and when I went to the crowd 20150924_101822to film, there was a Chinese guys pulling my arms and pointing to the stage which wounded up in me not getting the first performance in camera. The crowd went wild when the laowai (foreigners) did kung fu on the stage. It is fun to be a laowai here in China because you are almost treated like a celebrity over here. People wants to take pictures with you and they say hallo. When you say hallo back they either laugh or smiles. They  especially loves it if you say hallo in Chinese (ni hao).

After a five minute performance we went downtown to get something to eat. Master bao found an amazing place to eat. It was all you can eat and drink for 39 kuai. The concept is that you go and get what you want and then cook it or fried it yourself. It is an amazing place and after ten minutes we already decided to come there again. There were so much to choose from, meat, vegetables, sushi, cake, coffe, beer, coke, ice cream etc.20150926_122809

After luch we kind of just walked around in Xinyi, because we had to wait for Master Bao to pick us up and bring us back to the grand opening event. We got picked up at four pm, so we could go and perform again. After the second performance we had to go into the supermarket and we got a tour in the supermarket of course the girl who gave us the tour spoke Chinese. So in general we just followed her and to pretend to listen. We ended up where the oil was placed in the supermarket and once again we had to pretend to listen to the girl talking about the product and simultaneously photos were taken and a guy filmed it. Meanwhile a crowd was gathering around us, so there were a lot of Chinese people standing around us taking pictures of us.  Then we got 100 kuai from the supermarket to buy fruit etc. Think it was another PR stunt, so people saw laowai buying things in the new supermarket.20150924_175241

Then we had some free time on our hands, so we just watched the event. Master baos kid Ze Ze was with us and he wanted to catch some free stuff, so we helped him. I took him
and held him on my arm while catching things with other hand for him to get. It was a bit funny because even though I only am 180 centimeters tall I am considered a tall person in China and I could catch things in the air before the Chinese crowd. Ze Ze was very happy for the things we got.

It had been a long day, and all of us just wanted to go home, but suddenly we were invited for dinner. We drove to a small place, beside a high way. It didn´t even looked like a restaurant, but it was. We got a lot of food. We had noodles, chicken, eggs, sweet caramelized potato, soup etc and beer to drink. It was a good evening with a lot of talk about parents, football and tennis. When we got home we were exhausted.

But it was only the beginning for me and going with the flow.

more to come


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