Going with the flow part 2

Friday was another long night because we had poker night. Poker night is kind of a tradition when the person who
won last time is going home. We have a big jar of coins we use to play with and the nuy in is 10 kuai. This time we played because Anita won last time, and she is going home next week. Poker night ended past midnight and we were exhausted which also made it very fun, there were a lot of laughter because we were overtired and couldn´t think straight.

Saturday became a spontaneous crazy day with wine, steak, modeling, massage and maybe a job opportunity. The day started with all of us going to Xinyi as we usually do, but this time we were going to eat at the same place we ate lunch Thursday. Because we told everybody about it, so they wanted to try it. Even maste Du joined us.20150926_113127

We took the early bus at 9.40 because some of the others needed to go to the tailor and Anita, Alex and I went for a massage. The massage was very interesting because it was performed by blind people.  It was 50 kuai for an hour massage. I got a full body massage, but sitting here the day after, I am not sure I am going again. It was interesting but It hurt a lot and afterwards I felt even worse in my muscles, and today it is even worse. But I think Alex and Anita enjoyed it.

After the massage we went for lunch and after the lunch it got interesting. A guy from Doha/England named Kayvon were asked if he wanted to model for the tailor and were to go back after lunch to do that. I almost didn´t go, but the others didn´t know what they were going to do, so a walk to the tailor and watching a photo shoot seemed like a great idea. When we arrived there, I was asking for prices for a tai chi suit, and a black suit and coats. The tailor and his son drove us in their big ass M20150926_150604ercedes to the photographers studio, where we met a girl and the photographer. For a second time we just got into the car and drove with the tailor without knowing where we were going. We just went with the flow and just wanted to see what would happen.

We wounded up at a beautiful place with some beautiful apartments. The ph20150926_152102otoshoot with Kayvon were to take place there. While I was eaten up by mosquitoes kayvon was changing
clothes and they started shooting. There was a communication gap given only the tailor´s son knows a little bit of English, but not enough to explain everything without google translate.  I have some experience with photoshoots and a clothes. So I couldn´t help myself, I just automaticall20150926_150850y started to help Kayvon with the poses and started to pick out which clothes to wear. After a few pictures we moved location and luckily the tailor had some bug spray. The new location was better, because there were no mosquitoes, hehe. We used the car as a prop and I started helping even more with poses and which clothes. I think mostly I did it because I was a bit jealous. I really wanted to model too. Meanwhile Kayvon modeled, the girl asked me for my
number because she wanted me to model. That was awesome, and it alle ended up with
them getting our email address, because it was easier for them to reach us by mail. So this going with the flow day wounded up to be a job opportunity. It is not like we will make a killing, its more we will have a lot of fun and get gifts like free clothes etc. it was one of the best days for me.

We thought the day was over, but the Tailors son asked us if we wanted to go for dinner with him and we said yes. We ended up in a place called ya qi café. They serve western food and we found out that they served steak and pizza just like a German restaurant in Xuzhou.  So now we don´t need to go all the way to Xuzhou anymore to get steak.

It was amazing place. We sat in great couches and eat a lovely dinner and I had a real 20150926_172133glass of red wine. After dinner the tailor´s son even wanted to drive us home, but we had some stuff we wanted to buy so he drove us to the supermarket and drove off. Kayvon and me were so excited about the day and we just wanted more modeling jobs. So hopefully they will write us very soon for some jobs.20150926_172032

Today it is Sunday and I can´t stop thinking about this week. This week was the best I have had since I arrived here. I even broke my record on my 12k run Friday. As I told Kayvon yesterday, this is why we do things like going to China to live for a year. Simply because of these adventures we have had this week. Sometimes you just go with the flow and see what happens and this time it ended up with the best week ever.

More to come

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