Arrival and first impressions

Sitting in the Airport of Billund, made me think a lot and yeah I was starting to be a little scared about what I was about to do. I had a layover in Abu Dhabi and Beijing. I waited 14 hours in Abu Dhabi and 9 hours in Beijing. I will never go for the cheapest ticket again. It left me with too much time to think and when you can´t sleep in plains the overthinking begins to get the best of you. It actually took me so far, so when I arrived in Beijing and they lost my luggage, I was prepared to go home again and leave the dream behind. Luckily my mom always taught me to be prepared, so I had some clothes in my hand luggage.

When I finally arrived at the academy, I met my roommate George and even though I was tired and exhausted, we ended up talking for a few hours before bedtime. The first weekend in the academy was great even though I didn´t have any luggage I had a lot of fun. I got to know the people at the academy by playing poker Friday and going to Xinyi city Saturday. When I came here, there were 12 people attending the academy and everybody went for Xinyi that Saturday.

I got to an ATM to withdraw some money, and I saw a little bit of the city in which we come a lot to eat western food and to do some grocery shopping, which are not as much groceries as it is cookies, chips, cola and other good things hehe. You need things like that to indulge yourself after a week’s hard training.

I knew I was in great shape because of my triathlon and it served me well,20150911_112839 when I had my first training day. Don´t get me wrong, if you are not use to train a lot, your body will hurt a lot in the beginning, and even though I was in great shape, I must admit, training 25 hours a week will take its toll on your body. There were days where I just didn´t have any energy at all.

This will maybe sound a bit weird, but from the beginning of my training I have tried to find time to run a lot more. As mentioned earlier I wanted to train for the Chinese wall marathon. It took some time for my body to get used to the training, and not before my body adapted to the training, could I figure out a running schedule for myself.

The very cool thing about Maling academy is that they understand that you want to do something like training for the marathon. Don´t get me wrong, you still have to attend the kung fu training no matter how little energy you have left. But that is also the cool thing about it, because the training keeps pushing you in a good way, even though it is hard.

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