Stories from a weekend

20150814_190613My second weekend, Friday evening entertainment was poker night, Texas holdem. Some of the guys went out and bought some crates of beer, amazingly 2,5% but still. Normally the students don’t drink beer at the school but every now and then we get permission to drink one or two for an occasion like poker night. The buy-in was 10 yuan and the winner would get the trophy Totoro piggy bank (I love Totoro) with all the coins accumulated over an entire year from one of the students about to leave. My poker experience is a few games 10 years -ish ago so I didn’t have the highest expectations of myself. 20150814_194805Somehow though my pile of money grew bigger, despite me not being entirely sure why I won half the time…. We started 8 people, by the time we were down to 4 I had started getting the idea of the game, it took me 5 hours in total, but I won!!! 😀 😀 the only guy in the room who was actually good at poker told me it was a phenomenon called “beginners luck”, I choose to dismiss that. 20150815_000754I won the Totoro!
After a few days i counted all the money in the Totoro, (thats how much free time i have) and it contained 389 yuan. most of what will be given away, in a new jar, the same way when i leave. Poker.

On the Saturday I had been looking forward to sleeping in, especially since the poker match had lasted until 00.30. But no, 5.30 I woke up, the rooster outside my window didn’t really help either, pure determination to sleep-in resulted in that I fell asleep again all the way until 7.30 and then I gave up. Spend the morning reading and considering doing some of the stuff I was supposed to do but not actually doing any of it. Being a student for so many years has made a master of procrastination.20150815_141841 We went to the city, I got the adventure of a massage that turned out to be not really what I thought I paid for (see post about injury).20150815_141602 But on the good side I got the most amazing banana split. It actually tasted like ice-cream, and it had 3 different flavored toppings and we even got extra chocolate!! It was a little bit of heaven. While i was disappointed about my massage some of the guys had a different and more fun time playing pool around the corner with quite good quality tables, except the one i played a little at, that table must have been crooked.2015-08-22-15.23

In the supermarket I had some extra time, mostly because I didn’t have the insane list of things I needed like at my first trip. The bad thing about that is that I spend some extra time on the snacks/chocolate/drinks isles. I bought quite a deal, telling myself that then it should be able to last for an entire week, or two if I were a little strict on myself (don’t know who I was trying to fool with that).

I love Sundays!

The amount of things you don’t have to do is great. There are no other plans than the ones you make yourself. It is amazing to have an entire day to rest your body, mind and muscles. If I were at home I would also say something about catching up on sleep, but I still wake up latest at 7 and my back still haven’t gotten used to the bed so more than 8 hours is not really possible for me yet, I will keep practicing it though.

2015-08-29-14.48My biggest problem with Sundays is that I apparently have the backbone of an earthworm ( Christmas wish, again) and having an entire room full of snacks and candy is not helping.
The pile I had thought would last for a week or two didn’t even last to the afternoon. Among others (chips, wine-gums), I ate insane 460grams/1 pound of snickers. Small ones individually packed but somehow I applied that smoking thing of turning on a new cigarette with the last of the one you were smoking to snickers. I opened one, ate it, and before I finished chewing on the last bit I was opening the next one. And I don’t even like snickers that much!!! I am almost disappointed that I didn’t even get a bad stomach, I really would have deserved it. On the other hand I think I broke the record for how much weight you can gain in 2 days…. Good thing it is Monday and back to training tomorrow.

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