I “only” had to repack my suitcase 3 times, considering my gender I would say that is an achievement.

2 months away and I am allowed one suitcase of 23kg and a hand luggage of 5 kg.

After I tried with everything I wanted with me and the suitcase couldn’t be closed (didn’t even bothered to weigh it).I tried a bit more strategic approach, I filled in all the stuff that I thought I could not buy in China, for me that was protein powder (not needed for everybody), different vitamins (maybe not needed for everybody either), Medicine, like paracetamol, ibuprofen, antibiotics and diarrhea pills. Shoes and (good)running shoes (a delicate feminine size 44 and 46 does not exist in the land of the miniputs). Flip-flops are a must, they are used all the time for walking around inside to showering to “just because you are too lazy to put on other shoes”.

I also packed some protein bars and some chia seeds, I have a mild intolerance to grains, meaning all bread, pasta and noodles and I don’t eat rice and potatoes either (yes, it is incredible stupid to go to China then since that is 95% of their diet but we have already established that I am not that bright so it should not come as a surprise to you and since I am at it I might as well apologize for my spelling, lack of grammar and extremely long brackets).

What I did pack that I think is essential besides clothes (time will tell if I am right)

  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito relief spray – I am pretty sure I will get eaten
  • Disinfection for hands
  • Blister band aids and a first aid kit
  • Knee protection
  • Sports tape
  • Mouth guard
  • Coconut oil – good for/as massage oil, dry skin, lip balm, chafing, callus etc.
  • Instant coffee – you can buy it there, but only at extreme prices, and if you love coffee like me, bring some.
  • Electronic gadgets – computer, tablet, mp3/ipod, earphones etc. – remember chargers and an adapter
  • 1 million socks – don’t know why, but everybody says bring lots of socks – so I do

I am going to be there in the warm season so I only have to pack light summer clothes for both training and regular clothes. If I had had to pack for several seasons with the same amount of kg I would probably have had a nervous breakdown…

For winter it can get quite cold so really warm clothes, long underwear, hats, gloves and even a sleeping bag is recommended.

When i realized i was screwed....
When i realized i was screwed….

Some other things that might come in handy is a large backpack, I am going to use mine as hand luggage, there is more room in it than in a trolley and I hope to hide some weight in there since they normally don’t weigh a backpack in the airport (crossing my fingers).

It also has a double purpose because I can use it for grocery shopping in the city when I am there instead of a trillion plastic bags.

When you travel there is always the risk of you losing your luggage, and murphy´s law apply here, if you don’t prepare for losing it, you will.

What I packed in my hand luggage:

  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Books
  • Computer
  • 1 set of training clothes and sports bra
  • Food for 2 “meals”
  • Travel sickness pills
  • Pain killers

I think I am as prepared as I can be, but with my luck (I don’t really trust it) time will tell. One thing is for sure, I am excited to go.

What future me would have loved past me to know:

What I didn’t bring because I don’t eat it but think others will appreciate it, is condiments, like jam, nutella (very expensive here), honey etc. to put on the bread in the mornings.

The breakfast is boiled eggs and bread without anything to put on. You can buy things in the city but if you arrive on a Tuesday, Saturday is far far away.

The other thing that I didn’t bring enough of is entertainment. I brought my indispensable computer and a few books about Chinese culture. There is a lot of free time in the lunch break, evenings and weekends. You run through books in the blink of an eye (if you are a reader like me) and there is only a few English books at the academy. Movies and series are a good idea to bring on an external hard drive, but what will really bring you credit, goodwill, kisses and hugs are board games, so if you are not as bad in packing as me and have extra room, put in a game.

I thought protein powder would be impossible to get, turns out something happened since I was in China last time 4 years ago (or maybe I just didn’t pay attention then) but they have that thing called the internet where you can order stuff and get it delivered….

This includes protein powder, nutritional supplements and so on.

Just the thought of all the stuff I could have brought instead of filling my suitcase up with protein powder makes me cry, there might even had been room for a pair of heels! Though a few extra training trousers and t-shirts probably would have been more convenient but since it is too late to change I will just dream about it.

So far, the only thing i packed that it looks like i will not use at all, sadly, is my bikini.

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